edita brychta

About Edita

Edita was born in Prague but grew up in London, having fled the 1968 Russian occupation of Czechoslovakia. She comes from a family of renowned artists, her parents (Jan and Lida Brychta), have exhibited all over the world and her brother, (Alex Brychta), is a worldwide published illustrator and recipient of an MBE.

She trained at LAMDA and went on to play leading roles in many theatre productions, among which was London’s long running West End production of “Daisy Pulls It Off”, produced by Andrew Lloyd Weber. She then went on to star in several TV series and TV films, notably in the award winning “The Escape” and the TV BAFTA nominated “The Britoil Affair”.

The highly publicized role of Princess Diana in NBC’s “Behind The Palace Doors” brought Edita to the US. She continued to work in many diverse roles alongside well-known actors such as Julia Roberts, Jim Carrey, James Garner, Angela Lansbury and worked under the direction of Milos Forman, Dick Donner and Mark Rydell amongst others.

Edita’s language skills led her to star in a French TV series as well as two Czech movies and with her knowledge of accents and dialects, she has worked extensively in the world of voiceovers.

Edita has one fabulous daughter, one cheeky dog and one challenging passion… extreme swimming. She has swum from Alcatraz Prison three times as well as the length of The Golden Gate Bridge twice in San Francisco, qualifying in first place among the females both times. And because that wasn’t enough, Edita has made the distance of 10K between the Golden Gate bridge and the Bay Bridge twice.

Her life motto is: “keep surprising yourself and others will be amazed!”